On My Birthday

I wake up on my birthday with a knowing smile.
In the mirror, I can clearly see a divine halo behind my head.
It starts tingling between my eyes
As if the third eye is about to emerge.
My hand, involuntarily, gestures Tathastu Mudra, time and again.
A compassionate, urbane smile stay put in my lips.
I go out in the road and all of a sudden
Petals of yellow daffodils are sprinkled all over the road.
I move with caution so that I don’t hurt those flowers, those grasses
Today I am not supposed to trample anyone, anything.

He will come today, that pristine Me from my younger days
He will come with all his exquisite beauty.
He will manifest the humane me from the one without substance.
A never-perceived-before excitement floods every pore of my skin
I wait eagerly for the meeting with the unembellished, elementary Me.
Morning passes into the afternoon, afternoon into evening –
I can feel every moment as if they are dilated thousand times.
Perhaps he will come now like the sweet aroma of jasmine
He will fling open the closed doors of my plastic planet –
He will hold my hand gently and take me to the green.

In my restless emotive state, every second feels like an hour
Every hour like a year
Slowly the evening passes by and the night commences.
Yet the thousand light year of dense fog between us does not get any lighter.
Yet He cannot come any nearer through that dense, dark alley of time.
The night too passes by –
And here starts an ordinary, dull day of drudgery.
With it, starts another year-long wait.


This one is translation of one of my earlier work