Jojatir Jhuli – Baro Kahon, a feedback

In the field of writing fiction, unbiased feedbacks are hard to get. I write for different magazines both printed and digital without a clue if anyone has ever read any of my body of works. It is hard work to make a palatable story, so feedback motivates. All authors, famous or rarely read (like me), have to resort to social media to promote his work. We put our stories verbatim in our facebook wall in order to earn some readership. Most of your friends and families ignore. Some reacts with a word of praise or two. But you are never sure if that appreciation is colored based on your social status, personal warmth or your chemistry with the person. An objective evaluation of art can never be done if the art connoisseur knows the artist personally.

But rarely, very rarely, comes moments which rekindles your passion of writing. Today was such a day. I keep checking google ranking of my literary website “Jojatir Jhuli” from time to time. This motivates me because google’s world class ranking algorithm consistently attributes a fairly good page index to my website.

Today while searching for google rank of my website “Jojatir Jhuli”, I found that I got an entry in goodreads August, last year. A person named Ranjan Ganguly who apparently read my published short story collection “Jojatir Jhuli: Baro Kahon” gave a feedback in goodreads. Ranjan, I dont know you and may be I will never know you but that is precisely why your word of appreciation truly motivates me. I don’t know if some of my stories are as good as Ray’s or not but I will leave it to posterity to judge that.

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